Monday,   23.4.2018

Labor Law

The labour law field is one of the most prominent in our firm. We represent employers, employees, and labour associations in the private sector. As such, we handle arrangements deriving from labour relations, conduct negotiations, draft collective and individual work agreements, prepare legal opinions. We also represent clients in mediation and arbitration processes related to labour matters, assist employees and employers in the hearing process prior to dismissal, and represent them in the labour courts.

Advice and assistance to employers

our firm provides ongoing hands on assistance to employers. We do with large-scale sector leaders in the Israeli economy as well as small and mid-size businesses, in all aspects of labour relations:
  • ongoing advice for managing labour relations
  • employment rights and conditions
  • drafting work agreements and retirement agreements, restraint of trade, and professional secrecy
  • participation in hearings and inquiries.
  • drawing up ongoing professional opinions on topics on the agenda
  • advice and drafting agreements with various entities

Advice and consultancy to employers committees and work organization processes

We have long and rich experience in providing legal consultation and advice to workers committees. The firm deals with the range of subjects that encompass the sphere of organized work:
  • dealing with collective labour disputes
  • assisting worker organizations in streamlining and turnaround processes
  • assisting, representing and also setting strategy for group negotiations and labour disputes and finally drawing up the collective documents
  • representation in the Labour Court during labour disputes, injunctions and so forth
  • preparing legal opinions in the field of collective labour relations
  • legal handling of tenders
  • assisting in pre-dismissal hearing processes
  • assisting in the process of employees' transition from employer to employer
  • advice and assistance to worker committees in organizing

Personal and individual advice and consultancy to employees

The firm has immense experience in all aspects of labour law; advising and representing employers, and also advising and representing workers committees. Accordingly, we are able to can grant the most professional handling to individual employees, through our team's expertise and experience, and the firm's professionalism in the labour law sphere. Our clients enjoy a range of services, among them:
  • Representation in individual work disputes, including everything pertaining to the elements of wages, deterioration in employment conditions, dismissal, retirement and so on.
  • Checking the existence of employee-employee relations, or service-purchasing contractor relations,
  • representation in arbitration and mediation proceedings in labour matters. Representation at pre-dismissal hearing, in the labour courts, including the National Labour Court, in both "regular" labour disputes and principled labour disputes.
  • Drawing up personal work-agreements