Monday,   23.4.2018

Civil and Commercial

We provide ongoing consultation and legal representation in the spheres of civil and commercial law. The firm offers ongoing legal support to companies and businesses in all aspect of managing their businesses. In addition, we register companies, partnerships, and amutot, draft commercial contracts of various kinds, conduct negotiations, and represent our clients in court, in labour courts, and also before the administrative authorities. Hillel-Gerro has substantial experience, and clients drawn from every branch of the economy.

Registering companies, drafting Articles of Association, and Founders' Agreements

Registration services concerning the founding of a company, including the drawing up of founders agreements between the company's founders, that sometimes has a complex nature.

Ongoing legal advice to companies and businesses

Ongoing legal advice and assistance to companies vis-a-vis various authorities - conducting negotiations, trusting contracts during the period of the transaction and the company. This includes lease agreements, agreements with suppliers, agreements to provide services or receive services, agreements with principal clients, with the managers, agreements with the sale of shares or activity of the business, work agreements and so on.

Ongoing legal advice - preparing opinions, drafting a warning letters hands requirements as needed, settling disputes, and representation in arbitration procedures, mediation and in the courts.

Litigation (representation in court)
- managing complex commercial litigation, dealing with legal suits, including injunctions, administrative orders, monetary and contractual suits, intellectual property and so on.

Advice and representation in labour relations - drawing up special employment agreements for employees, drafting association agreements with freelancers (service providers), ongoing advice and updates to the client concerning changes (frequent) in labour laws and implications for their business, representation in the Labour Court in individual and collective labour disputes, assistance in holding a pre-dismissal hearing for employees and so on.

Notification of legislative changes relevant to the company - the firm constantly tracks legislative changes likely to affect the company's areas of involvement and provides assistance to our clients' the regulatory bodies related to the company's proper business proceedings.