Monday,   23.4.2018


Land and real-estate

In real-estate transactions, we represent our clients as sellers, buyers, landowners, purchasing groups, developers, corporations, and individuals. We offer our clients professional assistance at all stages of a real estate-transaction, for example examining the prior aspects of the transaction, planning and land taxation aspects, representing the client at the Israel Land Administration, the Office of Land Registration (Tabu), and the housing corporations, drawing up the agreement and implementing it.

Civil and commercial

Our client-base includes private-sector companies engaged in a broad variety of endeavors. We provide them with ongoing legal advice, including solutions to diverse legal matters, such as founding partnerships, companies, foundations, and joint ventures, managing negotiations, providing legal opinions and assistance in processing and advancing transactions. We represent our clients in court proceedings, in the labor courts, the Anti-Trust Authority, at the Ministry of Industry and Trade, and in judicial tribunals.

Labour law

We represent employers, employees, and labour associations, from both the public and private sector. We advise our clients on labor-relations arrangements, and also draw up collective and individual work-agreements, and prepare legal opinions.
In addition, the firm conducts proceedings in the regional labor courts, and in the national court, as required. We have strong expertise in representing labor unions and employers in the collective and personal labor sphere, and we represent and advise individual employees in legal suits and labor disputes, conducting negotiations between employees and employers following the termination of labor relations.