Monday,   23.4.2018

Land and Real-Estate

In real-estate transactions, the firm represents our clients as sellers, buyers, landowners, purchasing groups, developers, corporations, and individuals. We offer our clients professional assistance at all stages of the real estate-transaction; for example, prior examination of aspects of the transaction, planning and land taxation aspects, representing the client at the Israel Land Administration, the Land Registration Office (Tabu), and the housing corporations, drawing up the agreement and implementing it.

Legal advice and representation for contractors, developers, and land-owners
Our firm provides services to business clients, land-owners, contractors and developers in the real-estate sphere in a board range of land transactions. Among them, sale, lease, combination transactions, construction transactions, development, and so forth, As part of that, we handle tax aspects (land betterment tax, purchase tax, and VAT) and the various levies involved (among them the betterment levy), in prior advice before the transaction, working with and representing before the tax authorities and the planning authorities, negotiations toward signing the contract, and so on.

Representing private clients in land transactions
  • Assistance in the process of buying and selling an apartment.
  • Representing buyers in purchasing an apartment from a contractor.
  • Representing buyers in a purchasing group (kvutzat rechisha).
  • Drawing up lease agreements, handling guaranties, claims for evacuating tenants / renters. In a summary procedure.
  • Transferring title to land under an inheritance order or probate order.

Handling properties managed and registered by the Israel Lands Authority
  • Registering in the Tabu apartments that are managed by the Israel Lands Authority.
  • Comprehensive processing of registering title to plots of land and farms.
  • Transferring rights to the "inheriting child" (ben mamshich) and/or heir to a farm.
  • Arranging the lease title and/or extension of a lease (or extension of a development contract)
  • Rezoning, dividing plots, non-conforming use and capitalization of lease rights.
  • Transfer of title to properties registered at the Israel Lands Authority and managed by a housing corporation.
  • Handling the sale of farms and plots of land (nahalot) in moshavim, and in transactions concerning properties in moshav expansions (harhavot).

Legal suits regarding land and receivership
  • Suits to dissolve a partnership in land.
  • Suits for eviction from land, and for evacuating renters.
  • Suits to enforce sale agreements.
  • Receivership of land and sale of land and buildings, as part of receivership proceedings, supervised by the court.