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The Team

Lior Gerro

Lior Gerro is a partner in the firm and one of its two founders (1994)
He has many years’ experience in litigation - in the civil, commercial-business, and administrative (the Supreme Court and administrative petitions) spheres - and in courts of all instances. He represents clients in mediation and arbitration processes, as well as in land disputes.
Lior also deals with representing clients in personal and collective labor disputes in the labor court; assisting in land transactions, from the earliest stages, including representing contractors in large-scale construction projects, drawing up documents connected to those transactions and advising on the structuring of transactions. He is a permanent legal counsel to several multinational companies, and consults to them on their ongoing commercial activity and also to a number of bodies that represent organized groups of employees.
Lior has frequently been appointed as a receiver by the court for the division of land, and has worked to obtain the rights to land and sell it; he has gained extensive experience in cases of that kind. He has serves as a military defender un several casers heard in military courts and represents the firm's clients also in civil appeals in the Supreme Court.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (L.LB) - 1987.
Tel Aviv university (L.LM) - 2014.

Admitted to the Israeli Bar - 1989
Military defender, Israel - 1990

Hebrew, English, understands Yiddish

Military service
Reserves rank of Major; served in the standing army and reserves for many years, in the Artillery Corps.

Lior is married with three daughters
In his spare time he runs with a running-group, snowboards, and plays drums

Ari Hillel

Attorney Ari Hillel is a partner in the firm and one of its two founders (1994)
A has many years of experience in the sphere of land, and has worked with large-scale construction projects, from the planning stage to the sale of apartments. His legal counsel for many years for workers committees, particularly in the sphere of banking, and it also represents employees and employers in the labour courts, in a wide variety of areas.
He has substantial experience in litigation - civil, commercial-business, and administration (Supreme Court and administrative petitions), in theory it caught instances, and also representing in commercial arbitration and mediation proceedings among some in the land field.
After specializing in the sphere of legal Counsel to political parties and factions in the Knesset, and also working closely with senior politicians in everything concerning their endeavors in the political world.
He serves as legal counsel to several NGOs active in the fields of culture and social affairs.
He was appointed by the court as a receiver for plots of land in the framework of liquidation proceedings in advance partnership, and in this role advanced large-scale complex projects deriving from land.

The Hebrew University of Jerusalem (L.LB) - 1990.
Tel Aviv university (L.LM) - 1998

Admitted to the Israeli Bar - 1992

Hebrew and English

Military service
Served as a combat medic in the Nahal Brigade.

Ari is married with three daughters

Oshi Elmaliah

Attorney Oshi Elmaliah started his professional track after many years in which she worked in public frameworks, manage them and also consulted to senior public figures. Oshi has many years of experience and knowledge of governmental institutions in Israel.
From 2007 to 2012, O was a senior consultants to Defense Minister Ehud Barak, in this position he managed working relations of the Minister with various entities, among them the Knesset, the government, the state controller and so on. In addition Oshi managed the Public Inquiries sector, civilian travel and so forth.
In 2005, Oshi was a consultant to Minister of Construction & Housing, Yitzhak (Bouji) Herzog, Oshi accompanied him on his journeys and professional work meetings. As the Minister's assistant, he liaised with the various ministries and other government agencies.

The IDC, Herzliya (L.LB) - 2009

Hebrew and English

Military service
Served as a tank commander in the 7th Armored Brigade, and continues to serve in the reserves in the same role

Ari is married to Na'ama and they have two daughters. They live in Kfar Vradim.

Prof. Shimon Shetreet - Advisor to the Firm

Academic positions
Professor Shimon Shetreet is a former head of the Sacher Institute of Legislative Research and Comparative Law at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel. He holds the Greenblatt Chair of Public and International Law. He has published close to twenty books on law and dozens of articles on legal topics, in Israel and elsewhere. He is President of the International Organization for Judicial Independence and World Peace, that was a candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize in 2013; as such, he heads an international project on the criteria for judicial independence. He has been a visiting scholar at major universities, among them Cambridge University, Zürich University, and NYU. He was awarded the International Jurists Award for 2010, together with Lord Igor Judge, the Chief Justice of England and Wales.

Government positions
Prof. Shetreet has served as a member of the Knesset's Finance Committee, Chair of the Subcommittee for Insurance, a member of the Constitution Committee, a member of the Knesset Committee for State Audit Affairs (1988-1992). As a member of Yitzhak Rabin’s first government, he served as Minister of Science, Minister of Economics, Minister of Religious Affairs, and also as the minister responsible for the Second Television and Radio Authority (1992-1996). In addition, he served on the ministerial committee for coordination and administration, the ministerial committee for economics, and the ministerial committee for legislation. He served as the deputy mayor of Jerusalem (during Ehud Olmert’s mayoral term of office (1999-2003).

Positions in the Economics Sector
Serves as Chair of the Council for Legislation, Registration, and Qualification of the Chamber of Internal Auditors. In the business field, Prof. Shetreet has served in senior positions, among others was member of the board of Bank Leumi; Chair of the Board of the Mishan Old-Age Homes; member of the board of the Investments Committee of the Gmulot provident fund, part of the Bank Hapoalim Group; member of the board of Hachshara Insurance Ltd., part of the Elezra Group; member of the Investments Committee, the Balance Committee, chair of the Audit Committee, and member of the board of Otzar Hityashvut Hayehudim Ltd. Previously, Prof Shetreet established with others a construction project of 150 residential units in Tzur Hadassah, near Jerusalem. He was a member of executive committees in several major public bodies, and engages in strategic consultancy to business corporations, in Israel and elsewhere.

Academic Management
In addition to his academic activity in teaching and research, he has filled numerous positions in academic management at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, and among others was Chair of the Lecturers Organization; a member of the University Senate; responsible for disciplinary issues at the university; a member of the Disciplinary Court of the academic faculty; a member of the Court of Appeals of Students; head of the Sacher Institute for Legal Research; Chair of the Research Committee; Chair of the Legal Clinics Committee; and Chair of the Committee for Advanced Studies in the Law Faculty.

Was involved from time to time in fundraising for the Hebrew University, including donations from the Sacher family to the Sacher Institute, when he headed the Institute, and later encouraging donors to enhance their donations (such as the late Izzy Asper, from Canada, WHO established a chair for business administration initiative, through the Asper Foundation, advanced the creation of the Weinberg Chair in Economics, and several programs supported by Attorney Daniel Yakobson). In addition, was involved in fundraising for other projects, such as the long-running Culture of Peace project, and the Judicial Independence project.

Community Outreach and Organizations
He has engaged in public and social initiatives involving businesses in the community, including the founding of an endeavor for social development and the Computer for Every Child program that has so far distributed 55,000 computers. Furthermore, he broadened the activity of the legal clinics in the law faculties, that help citizens with legal aid and advice on a voluntary basis (there are currently seven such clinics).

Legal Education
Admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1969, after interning at the law practice of Justice Witkon of the Supreme Court of Israel, and at the practice of Gideon Hausner.
The Hebrew University, 1968 L.LB.
The Hebrew University, 1970 L.LM.
University of Chicago, L.LM. and Doctoral Degree, 1973.

Legal Activity
In tandem with his academic work, Prof. Shetreet has engaged in legal consultancy activities and in appearing before the courts in court proceedings, and providing consultation on economic projects. Among others, he prepared legal opinions for corporations such as Amidar and the Meuhedet HMO, and also participated in presenting major cases in the Supreme Court - such as the Vicki Shiran suit, the Tents Movement suit, the Glicksman suit); the case of the Dudaim Site, the Nakache case, and also a class action suit against Mifalei Hevra va'kalkala Ltd.

Recent Major Appointments and Activities
Herbert Smith visiting professor at Cambridge University, Faculty of Law, 2008-2010; senior scholar, Clare College, Cambridge, 2010; the K.K. Nambyar lecture 2009, New Delhi, India; keynote lecture on Human Rights Day in December 2010, the Association for Human Rights in India; International Jurists Award for 2010, New Delhi, together with Lord Igor Judge, the Chief Justice of England and Wales; Fiat Justizia lecture, February 2013, Monash University in Melbourne, Australia; Visiting Professor at the Institute for Religious Studies at Potsdam University, Berlin, Spring 2013; Visiting Professor of Comparative Law, San Diego University, 2013; and Visiting Professor - Wayne Evans Chair, University of Utah, Spring 2014.
As President of the International Organization for Judicial Independence and World Peace, that is funded by the Hebrew University and Cambridge University, Prof Shetreet organized ten conferences, from 2007 to 2013: a conference at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem (2007); the Vaduz conference (2007); a conference at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem (2008); a conference at the Jagelonian University, Krakow (2008); a conference at Cambridge University (2009); a conference at the University of Utah (2010); a conference at Vienna University (2011); a conference at the University of Hong Kong (2012); a conference at the University of Ghent (2012); a conference in San Diego (2013), and a conference in Moscow (2014).

Public Positions
Chair of an international project for the Culture of Peace, and Chair of an organization of Religions for Peace, Chair of the National Council for Social Development, member of management and founder of the Computer for Every Child project, member of the Public Council of Hebrew Union College, member of the Board of Holon Technological Institute, and the Jerusalem College of Engineering.