Monday,   23.4.2018

About Hillel - Gerro

The Hillel-Gerro law firm was founded in 1994 by Attorney Ari Hillel and Attorney Lior Gerro. The firm has an excellent team of attorneys, who engage in the firm's fields of expertise - civil and commercial law, labour law, land and real-estate, labour associations, amutot (NGO's), and political parties. Prof. Shimon Shetreet is a legal consultant to the firm. The rich experience of our team enables our clients to enjoy a distinctive range of services, based on a variety of spheres of involvement of the firm, and on the understanding that each client has unique needs and a different sphere of action, each requiring specific skills and experience. We provide our clients with practical and unique solutions for various issues encountered in their business environment.

Land and real-estate
In real-estate transactions, the firm represents our clients as sellers, buyers, landowners, purchasing groups, developers, corporations, and individuals. We offer our clients professional assistance at all stages of a real estate-transaction, for example examining the prior aspects of the transaction, planning and land taxation aspects, representing the client at the Israel Land Administration, the Office of Land Registration (Tabu), and the housing corporations, drawing up the agreement and implementing it.

Civil and commercial
We provide ongoing consultation and legal representation in the spheres of civil and commercial law. Our firm offers ongoing legal support to companies and businesses in all aspect of managing their businesses. In addition, we register companies, partnerships, and amutot, draft commercial contracts of various kinds, conduct negotiations, and represent our clients in court, in labour courts, and also before the administrative authorities. Hillel-Gerro has substantial experience, and clients drawn from every branch of the economy.

Labour law
The labour law field is one of the most prominent in our firm. We represent employers, employees, and labour associations in the private sector. As such, we handle arrangements deriving from labour relations, conduct negotiations, draft collective and individual work agreements, prepare legal opinions. We also represent clients in mediation and arbitration processes related to labour matters, assist employees and employers in the hearing process prior to dismissal, and represent them in the labour courts.

Political parties

The firm has acted as legal consultants to several political parties over the years. The parties that we represented were the Labour Party, the Third Way, and the Independence. Our services include, among others:
  • Founding and registering parties
  • Ongoing legal consultation to parties and their factions in the Knesset
  • Legal consultation and assistance to the parties during the party primaries
  • Legal advice and assistance in drafting reports to governmental institutions - the Registrar of Parties, the State Comptroller and so on.